Grace Van Til profile

Grace van Til

Executive Vice President, Technology and Operations

As Executive Vice President, Grace van Til oversees HUB’s Technology and Operations and serves as a member of the Executive Management Team. Her expertise with high-growth, dynamic environments is an asset to HUB, as she leads her team through strategies that ensures HUB’s technology is an enabler for the company’s aggressive growth.

Grace joined HUB in August 2018 as SVP of Operations. Prior to joining HUB, she held executive leadership positions at other global corporations such as Hewitt Associates, Sum Total Systems and Finastra. In these roles, she managed a diverse set of functions across technology, operations, pre-sales, client services, customer support, data and product development. She is happy to bring her over 20 years of experience in technology fields to her position at HUB.

A graduate of University of Illinois with a BS in History and Political Science, Grace currently lives in the Chicagoland area with her husband, three kids, and two dogs, where she enjoys gardening and having new experiences with her family.