The FMCSA’s Inspection Selection System (ISS) is used by roadside inspectors to identify and prioritize motor carriers for inspections. A good ISS score signals that you have a safe, well-managed fleet -- and its importance goes well beyond just appealing to safety inspectors. A low ISS score will make your fleet attractive to inspectors, drivers, customers and even insurance companies.

In this on-demand webinar, Jerry Gilikin, EVP HUB Transportation Services, has partnered with Heavy Duty Trucking Magazine to review practical ways you can improve your ISS score, including:

  • An overview of the Inspection Selection System (ISS) and how it is
  • A look into the 7 BASIC safety values you need to be concerned about, as well as the issues associated with each value and possible solutions
  • How your ISS score impacts your business insurance, as well as how to reap the benefits of a low score

Listen to the on-demand replay to learn how to “tip the scale in your favor” and make your ISS score work for you.

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