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HUB Cannabis Dispensary Insurance

A simple, online way to secure business insurance for your dispensary.

Safety, Health and Resilience for Your Cannabis Operation

How can you protect your cannabis operation's people, profit and profitability? HUB's panel of risk management experts shares best practices on a recent LinkedIn Live special event.


From Seed to Sale Video Series
Risk Management Essentials for the Cannabis Industry


Protect Your Directors and Officers with D&O Coverage

HUB’s direct access to the cannabis insurance markets can help you secure directors and officers (D&O) insurance—often hard to get but essential in attracting professionals to your board.

How to reduce risk while growing your cannabis business

Don’t let common cannabis business risks catch you off guard. Learn which exposures affect you most — and learn how to reduce those risks before they happen. Find out when to transfer your business risk to insurance, and which policies are key to doing so. It’s all in this free, downloadable guide.

The guide will provide you with:

  • 7 key risks most cannabis businesses face
  • Best practices to reduce those risks
  • Insurance coverage you need to consider 
  • Checklist for selecting the right broker
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What Our Clients Say

When we’re looking to deploy capital, we want to make sure our clients are properly covered. Working with HUB helps us provide effective insurance coverage for the companies we put money behind.

Luke Stanton
Managing Director
Skytree Capital Partners