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HUB Cannabis Dispensary Insurance

A simple, online way to secure business insurance for your dispensary.

Support for Your Current and Emerging Risks

Cannabis insurance is available in Canada and all US states where medical and recreational cannabis is legal. Our dedicated brokers, claims advisors, risk services consultants and employee benefits specialists can advise you on a wide range of insurance and risk management issues. Let’s work together to develop a tailored cannabis insurance and risk consulting solution to meet your needs.

As the cannabis industry grows, planning for the future will determine which companies thrive and which decline.
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HUB International 2022 Outlook
Facing the Unknown Yet Again

Take steps to stabilize the unpredictability in agribusiness.

HUB Cannabis Benefits Captive

Are you concerned about rising healthcare costs? HUB Cannabis Benefits Captive allows cannabis employers with over 50 covered employees to customize health benefits for their employees.

From Seed to Sale Video Series
Risk Management Essentials for the Cannabis Industry


Cannabis 401(k)

Enhance retirement outcomes of your employees.

How to reduce risk while growing your cannabis business

Don’t let common cannabis business risks catch you off guard. Learn which exposures affect you most — and learn how to reduce those risks before they happen. Find out when to transfer your business risk to insurance, and which policies are key to doing so. It’s all in this free, downloadable guide.

The guide will provide you with:

  • Best practices to reduce those risks
  • Insurance coverage you need to consider 
  • Checklist for selecting the right broker
Get the Guide
What Our Clients Say

When we’re looking to deploy capital, we want to make sure our clients are properly covered. Working with HUB helps us provide effective insurance coverage for the companies we put money behind.

Luke Stanton
Managing Director
Skytree Capital Partners