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Building a strong risk management program will give construction the framework for success.
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Reduce your contractual risk with HUB Contract Review

HUB Contract Review, an artificial intelligence technology and service solution, helps make any contract review with insurance or indemnification faster and easier.

Building Financial Resilience
Building financial resilience into your business allows you to ride the ups and survive the downs of the cyclical construction industry. Learn more below:

  • Manage Claims, Control Costs

    Subcontractor Default Insurance (SDI) offers owners, lenders and general contractors enhanced protection for losses incurred when a subcontractor does not meet their contractual commitments. SDI enables more control over subcontractor default process and provides the financial flexibility needed to deliver projects on time and on budget even when a default occurs.

    Download our SDI Checklist to see if this innovative solution is a fit for your business.

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  • Explore Controlled Insurance Programs

    Controlled Insurance Programs (CIPs) are often the best — or only — option to obtain the insurance coverage limits necessary to begin large projects. Watch our video on CIPs to learn more.

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  • Prequalify Your Contractors and Subs

    As a contractor trying to meet tight deadlines and budgets, building financial resilience into your business is essential. Prequalifying your contractors and subcontractors ― for every job, every time ― is an important step in achieving this goal.

    Download our contractor safety prequalification toolkit for actionable information and resources.

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  • Get Back to Basics

    Refocus on managing project cash flows, monitoring project under-billings and deploying well-trained crews safely and productively.

  • Choose Jobs Wisely

    Only bid on work for which you have expertise, can deliver with solid profit margins and can staff appropriately.

  • Create a Resilient Supply Chain

    Know the difference between an efficient supply chain and a resilient one — and learn how to build the latter.

  • Watch our Webinar: Capitalizing on the Infrastructure Act

    The Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA) will allocate $1.2 trillion for federal, state and local governments to rebuild and repair infrastructure across the U.S.

    Watch this on-demand webinar to learn where the first round of IIJA funding is going, as well as upcoming deadlines and qualification requirements.

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Learn how HUB’s shared economy solutions can help your business

As the shared economy space continues to evolve, so do your risks. It’s important to work with specialists who understand the industry and can address your specific needs.

Construction Insurance FAQs

Contractor's Survival Guide in a Hard Insurance Market

Learn how you can manage rising insurance costs and facilitate smoother insurance renewals.