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What is aviation insurance?

Aviation insurance is a form of property and liability coverage for flying machines. This includes airplanes, seaplanes, vintage specimens, and other kinds of aircraft. It generally encompasses the cost of damage repairs for the flight conveyances, but it may also apply to related land property such as hangars where they are stored or airports. Aviation insurance may also include coverage for companies involved in the manufacture or supply of aerospace products. Liability for third parties that includes indemnification for harm to their aviation vehicles, as well as medical bills for any treatment required, is also common in such policies. These plans may also protect personal belongings for any passengers in these vehicles.

Synonyms for Aviation Insurance
Aircraft insurance: This is another term for aviation insurance. The two may be used interchangeably.


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When do I need to be aware of aviation insurance?

Aviation insurance is an important precaution for situations where planes in flight experience technical or weather difficulties that cause wrecks or forced landing. There are also the costs associated with the treatment of injuries for the pilot and any passengers, an emergency landing if necessary including search and rescue, as well as money needed to fix physical damages incurred by the aircraft itself. This coverage also secures against claims or lawsuits that may be filed by non-operators who were on the aircraft. It is important for all owners of machines made for flying to have this insurance, particularly if their craft is used for business.

Companies with civilian employees working in foreign countries in support of the military must also be aware of Defense Base Act Insurance, which is a kind of workers’ compensation insurance required for certain types of employees under a federal law known as the Defense Base Act. Penalties for noncompliance bars an insured defending itself against a claim from asserting certain defenses, such as contributory negligence, assumption of risk, and the fellow-servant rule. Failure to provide the benefits that the DBA requires also constitutes a misdemeanor, which may include a fine up to $10,000, up to a year imprisonment, or both. A company’s chief officers may be personally liable for payment.

What is important to know about aviation insurance?

Providers often offer different categories and levels of coverage based on different factors, and the price also varies depending on these considerations. An individual does not have to own an aircraft to acquire protection. There are some other important items you should know about aviation insurance:

  • Policies are available for flying clubs and other organizations that own aviation vehicles.
  • Commercial-use aviation policies are different from private aviation policies.

Some companies provide insurance for renters as well as owners.