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What is behavioral risk management?

Behavioral risk management is a process that includes the analyzation, identification, and handling of behavioral issues in the disciplines of industrial and organizational psychology that could become a problem in the workplace. There are potential dangers and risks associated with most behaviors, and this type of management system allows employers to put those matters in focus to avoid negative consequences. Some of those risks might be the behavior of an employee, the behavior of a director, or even the behavior of the manager or business owner. There may also be organizational behaviors, considered “collective” behaviors, that could pose risks and issues in the workplace. A behavioral risk management plan helps an employer to avoid stress, violence, insecurities, abuse, and other negative behaviors that would result in a serious conflict.


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When do I need to be aware of behavioral risk management?

An example of someone who might need to be aware of behavioral risk management is a human resources manager. These individuals make decisions about employees and in the context of a wide range of risks and would need to be made aware of how to handle certain situations.

What is important to know about behavioral risk management?

Without a proper behavioral risk management solution in place, motivation in the workplace can decrease, work quality can decline, and communication can deteriorate. To create a sufficient behavioral risk management system, there are some steps that should be taken:

  • Every organization has different risks, so it’s important one of the first steps of coming up with a behavioral risk management solution is to analyze and identify the specific risks in your organization.
  • For a risk to become a problem, it must be affected by something, and with a behavioral risk management solution, you are able to monitor the processes and issues that turn the risks into problems.
  • Precautionary measures must be taken to lower risks in the workplace, and by implementing a behavioral risk management solution, that’s exactly what you’re doing.