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What is business insurance?

Business insurance is coverage for businesses and corporations that is created to cover a business, its owners, and employees. Corporations and businesses of all sizes and industries rely on business insurance to address potential risks that may threaten the success of company. Risks may include employee health and safety, property condition, third party injury liabilities, reputation, cybersecurity, and more. The insurance policy can provide a financial resource that covers both employees and stakeholders, though the premium costs and coverage are much higher due to the greater liability exposure.

Business insurance plans are tailored to the unique needs or risks that the industry, environment, or geographic location present. Day-to-day activities are a factor in the underwriting process, as is the size of the company, any prior claims that have been filed, and any mandated coverage requirements.

Synonyms for Business Insurance
You may come across several other terms for business insurance, though they refer to similar coverage options. One example is commercial business insurance, a term that refers to any policy that is underwritten for a business or commercial enterprise. The policy structures, limits, pricing, and eligibility for commercial business insurance vary by geographic region, state laws, and size of business.


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When do I need to be aware of business insurance?

Any risk or liability encountered as a result of business operations should be covered by an insurance policy. Property damage, employee injury, cybercrime, theft, business interruption, lawsuits, and more can lead to financial expenses that a company may not be able to afford out-of-pocket. Business insurance policies cover the financial responsibilities of eligible liabilities.

What is important to know about business insurance?

Many businesses find that it takes more than one policy to cover the key liabilities, leading to multiple coverages or bundled plans. State laws or business licensing requirements may demand specific policies with coverage limits that meet a minimum threshold. There are some other important items you should know about business insurance:

  • Certain insurance premiums can be used as an expense during tax filing.
  • Industry, size, and scope of operations impact the cost of an insurance premium with a commercial line.
  • Risk assessments or audits can pinpoint which liabilities should have the most insurance coverage.