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What is veterinary liability insurance?

Veterinary liability insurance is a form of coverage specifically designed for those who work as veterinarians. The insurance protects these professionals from claims of negligence brought by a customer who feels his or her pet was harmed by the practitioner. This coverage is a type of medical malpractice insurance.

This is a specialty insurance, and it seeks to provide protections that general liability insurance or other business insurance does not cover. This type of insurance coverage is typically made on a claims-made basis. Coverage is only provided for a specific time period and for specific situations named in the policy. Each policy is likely to have different provisions. Policyholders should look closely at the language offering protection for negligence, errors and omissions, and breach of duty.


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When do I need to be aware of veterinary liability insurance?

Professionals who offer medical treatments for animals should understand that they could be sued at some point for malpractice. They could incur large expenses for court costs and for damages. Veterinary liability insurance would cover some or most of the costs of this claim. The premiums paid for this type of insurance are a manageable expense when compared with the potential for judgements against the veterinary business. Other forms of business and personal insurance will not apply for claims of professional negligence.

What is important to know about veterinary liability insurance?

Liability insurance for veterinarians is a specialty insurance that only applies to specific situations. It does not provide protection for criminal prosecution and other situations not named in the policy. There are some other important items you should know about veterinary liability insurance:

  • This type of insurance is provided for professionals who have expertise in a specific area.
  • Its primary purpose is to protect a veterinarian against charges of medical negligence.
  • The coverage protects against claims for a covered error or negligent act performed by the professional.