The Ascend Captive from HUB can provide pricing stability and lower costs while still providing appropriate coverage from risk.

No matter the setting, tree care management involves risk and often results in expensive or limited coverage options. Some organizations don’t even have access to coverage, while others are paying a steep price for the minimal coverage they do have.

For some tree care management specialists, one solution is a specialized group captive insurance program.

In a traditional insurance model, organizations with few claims wind up subsidizing those with many claims. With a captive, however, premiums are based on the risk associated with the participating organizations, not the entire industry. So when a select group of safety conscious tree care experts form a captive, they pay significantly less for insurance coverage but still have appropriate protection against risk.

Our team of specialized tree care industry insurance specialists will work closely with you to determine if the Ascend Captive is the right solution for your organization’s needs and exposures.

ASCEND Group Captive


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