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What are You Doing About Your Fleet Risk?

You don't have to be in long haul trucking to be open to fleet risk. If you have company vehicles and drivers, you are open to accidents and the misfortune that follows them.

Driver Safety: Reduce Your Risk and Save Lives

Your Driver Safety Toolkit

As an employer, you could be liable for your employees’ actions behind the wheel. Check out our resources to help you proactively address business driver safety and training, thereby reducing your risk and saving lives.


Case Study: See How Driver Training Reduced Vehicle Accidents and WC Costs

A commercial contractor was experiencing higher than average Workers' Compensation (WC) claims and noticed their fleet safety could be further improved. Partnering with HUB, they were able to reduce WC costs by 60%, as well as vehicle accidents.

Stone Restoration Case Study

Post-Accident Checklist

Seven best practices to avoid a nuclear verdict

The best way to avoid a nuclear verdict is to stay out of the courtroom. Post-accident response is key to minimizing this risk and avoiding lawsuits that lead to nuclear verdicts.